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TreatOut founders l-to-r, Nathalie Christmann-Cooper, Tracey Rowe, Deborah Terry

Before We #GoDo Here’s What We’ve Gone Did

So it’s 2017, a whole new year and a whole heap of fresh plans. The year where we ramp it up a gear, the year where it’s time for us to stop talking and start taking Action! as we prepare to take TreatOut to market.

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And now there are two!

Today is my first day of working full time on TreatOut. To say I am a wee bit overexcited about this is probably an understatement. I have had to buy myself a coffee machine for the office and cannot wait to be able to focus on our startup. But most importantly it signals the start […]

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Google Campus In Lights

The Birth of TreatOut

There I was, propped up in bed late at night watching the BCC’s Girls Can Code on the iPad, in awe of starting a tech startup when it suddenly hit me. What exactly is my problem? Of course it has to be my stomach. Or rather, how restaurants don’t cope with feeding my stomach.

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