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If your dietary needs make it difficult for you to eat out, we'd love to hear how TreatOut will help you. Together we are stronger. Let's use our collective voice to show the Food Service industry what a valuable market we are if they can provide us with the menu transparency we need.

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Our Diners Say

My daughter cannot wait ….. and nor can we!!! Eating out can be soooooo unpleasant. We went to a restaurant we THOUGHT would be ok and an hour later we were still trying to work out the allergens chart with no help from staff as they didn’t have a clue. It impacts soooo much on our life not just for my daughter but eating out as a family too. TreatOut we need you x x x

Sue , Sevenoaks

Finding somewhere to eat out is always really tricky for me and I tend to stick to the same places, i.e. Nando’s who have one of the best allergy policies I have ever come across! I cannot wait for an app like yours to really take off and become the norm in restaurants as it’s extremely frustrating to wade your way through a pile of sheets with a restaurant’s allergy info on.

Harriet , London

It can be very frustrating when you do find somewhere that is prepared to ‘tailor’ to your needs only to be given a plate of virtually nothing because everything else has been removed, but they haven’t thought about what could be given to you instead. This app sounds amazing and will hopefully help raise awareness of people’s needs when dealing food allergies and intolerance as well helping those of us who do suffer to find restaurants who are sympathetic to our needs and desire to eat good food when away from home!

Melissa , Alton

It is important to all of us that our dietary needs are met with decent suggestions and understanding. Plus we are not looked at as freaks. Which is how I felt today when I arrived I quietly made myself know as the lady who suffers food intolerances.  It reminds me of how it was about 5 years ago and wanting a gluten free meal. Today, surely there is more awareness but it hasn’t arrived at East Grinstead yet!!!

Cecilia , East Grinstead

That’s such a brilliant concept. More and more of my friends and the people I meet have some kind of food intolerance or allergy… going out to eat can be a real minefield, even in Brighton which is very attuned to to health & well-being.

Hilary , Brighton

Fantastic, this is just what everyone with a food allergy or intolerance needs in their life, transparency, an interesting menu and a safe venue. It’s gonna be awesome and thank you for trying to make this happen.


Kirsty blogs at Easy on The Tummy

I have only recently gone gluten, wheat and dairy free, but I can feel the benefits already. I used to eat the wrong food but quite a lot, at work we go out for lunch every payday as a team, but since I have changed my eating habits, it’s harder to find anywhere that can accommodate my intolerance.

Steve , Warrington

For me, the hardest part of living with IBS is dining out. Once upon a time, dining out meant freedom, relaxation and enjoyment and now, it’s a tale of back and forth emails in advance or confused conversations with restaurants.

Samantha , London

Samantha is founder of The Gut Health Empire

Eating out for dinner is tough when you avoid all dairy, gluten, onions, peppers, garlic and anything too acidic. It’s frustrating and can be embarrassing to order one thing off the menu and then ask the waiter to remove at least 3 ingredients from said dish. But what’s even worse is grabbing lunch on the go because there is nothing that ticks all my boxes, ever.

JoJo , London

Excerpt from JoJo’s blogpost The Highs and Lows of Living with IBS

Eating out with IBS is very difficult so I try to avoid it unless I know 100% that there is something on the menu that I can have. This has meant that I have had to turn down invites to social occasions and celebratory meals out, either that or I sit drinking water at the table whilst everyone eats their meal – not ideal really.


Excerpt from Lara’s blogpost You Are What You Eat

My son had to go on a really strict diet when he was about 14 and avoid benzoate… 2 years ago it developed into Crohn’s disease which has to be managed by autoimmune medication. He is now 18 and just started Uni so a challenge for him now to manage it himself. He knows which foods to have and what to avoid, but it is amazing how eating out over the years has been a challenge. He wants to feel normal and not make a fuss and ask questions all the time.

Louisa , Westerham

Many restaurants are missing out on a fabulous marketing opportunity, there’s such a growing bunch of ingredient-conscious consumers, whether medically driven or otherwise, and no-one to cater for us!! And that is especially true out in the sticks.

Eve , Frinton-on-Sea