Eating Out with Food Allergies and Food Intolerances?

Tell us the foods you can’t eat, and we’ll show you dishes you can eat.

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Our Mission

Most people want to feel special, but when you try dining out with a restricted food list you crave to feel normal.

You don’t want to have to negotiate with waiting staff over every dish, or be immediately told there’s nothing for you to eat. You want to be able to check the ingredients before you get there and have some confidence that there will be a dish to suit you.

Just because certain foods don’t like you doesn’t mean you can’t love food. We’ll help you to discover and liberate your inner foodie.

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How Will We Do This?

With full menu transparency, as a TreatOut diner you can create your own individual food profile and a simple search against our partner restaurants will provide you with a personalised menu.

We’ll show you only the dishes that you can eat, or the dishes that can be easily modified to meet your restricted food needs.

This is solved already, surely? EU regulations state all food outlets must notify if any of the 14 regulated allergens is in food. Case closed.

Wrong. As everyone knows life is just not that simple.

Food allergies and food intolerances don’t obey EU objectives, they can be any food. And if you have one allergy or intolerance, the chances are you have multiple allergies or intolerances.

We Need Your Help

We will be launching the TreatOut app in 2016 but before we do we need your support.

Your Stories

If your food allergies or food intolerances stop you from being able to eat out we’d love to hear from you. Please share your story to feature on our testimonials page.

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If you like what we are doing here with TreatOut, please show your support across social media channels by using the hashtag #TreatOutToEatOut


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Together we are stronger and with your voice let’s show restaurants that there is genuine demand for more transparency when eating out.

Calling All Restaurants

A busy kitchen works well because it’s organised. From the prep of each station before service starts, to the delicate balancing act of the chefs to get meals out on time, preparation and planning are key. So we know that when a diner comes in with a restricted food list it can be difficult to break the flow and design a dish to meet their needs. So we’ve designed TreatOut to take this pain point away.

We want to hear from restaurants who want to join with us to find a simpler way to feed their food intolerant diners. Become a founding partner restaurant, and together let’s make some loyal customers.

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