Meet the TreatOut Co-founders

When the idea for TreatOut was created, Nathalie knew she would need some help. One by one we were tapped on the shoulder and asked to join. We know each other as friends and colleagues and work well together, but most of all it’s our combined skill set and experience that will make TreatOut a success.

Nathalie Christmann-Cooper - TreatOut Co-Founder

Nathalie Christmann-Cooper

Nathalie dreams of a world where it’s easy to eat out, with friends and family, regardless of how fussy your gut is.

Her health took a major downturn with suspected ME at the age of 40. It wasn’t until diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome four years later that she was able to regain control.

A trained graphic designer, she’d learnt to code from the kitchen table whilst her two boys were small. With her symptoms now managed by the low FODMAP diet, she embraced her new zest for life and indulged in her passion for coding, relaunching her career as a freelance web designer ‘She Codes’. Nathalie won 2 accolades just 15 months later at the Kent Digital Awards in June 2015.

TreatOut is a food focussed startup born out of her frustration with how hard she’s found eating out since identifying her multiple food intolerances. She was accepted onto the 5th cohort of Google’s Startup for Mums and Dads Programme at Campus London in October 2015.

Living with a chronic condition hasn’t stopped Nathalie. 2016 has seen her move into pr and marketing, clinching early successes with features in Forbes and the Guardian. April saw her shortlisted in the WeAreTheCity Rising Stars 2016 awards in the Entrepreneur Category. She’s become a passionate advocate of Women in Tech, and was named as one of the 15 small business owners joining the FSB’s national taskforce established to promote women in enterprise in July 2016.

Her most recent achievement has been as a student at Le Wagon’s 9 week coding bootcamp in London. She built the TreatOut prototype with two fellow students during the last two weeks of the course, and as technical lead of the TreatOut team has continued with its development ready for the soft beta launch in April 2017.

A Tech London Advocate, when she’s not food fighting, you can find her on twitter @she_codes, or painting in a field with a glass of whiskey and packet of chocolates.

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Tracey Rowe - TreatOut Co-Founder

Tracey Rowe

Tracey has an absolute passion for technology, especially gadgets and apps and she loves to tell a story. She has worked for over 20 years within the telecommunications and software industries in a variety of roles, focussing on the users and how they interact with technology.

Tracey started out as an instructional designer – designing training for network engineers for a national telecom. A move to a small mobile telecom software development company saw her role expand into writing technical guides, working with programmers to design UX, product testing, product marketing, and travelling the globe helping roll out mobile network call centres in interesting places like Afghanistan, Guinea and Liberia.

Tracey and her family moved here from New Zealand over 10 years ago where she released her inner Englishwoman, rocked her love of royalty, cream teas and village fetes and became a master cake decorator and pizza maker. But the call of the geek is strong and Tracey is now back working for a software company, this time project managing and content writing.

Nathalie is part of Tracey’s “adopted family” and so she knows the difficulties Nathalie has eating out, and the consequences when it goes wrong. As the host of the weekly “Friday Pizza Night” Tracey also knows that with a bit of planning it is not that hard to feed her either.

Best of all these geek sisters have wanted to work together for some time. is that project.

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Kent Digital Awards at Castle View Maidstone 18/06/15

Deborah Terry

Deborah’s area of expertise is business within the hospitality industry and currently runs a successful golf course with a strong food and beverage following.

With over 25 years in the trade Deborah has worked in a wide range of businesses from small boutique hotels to large international corporate groups. Prior to her family, Deborah worked in sales and marketing and could be found striding around in very high heels, usually on her way to meet clients in some of London’s finest hotels and restaurants.

Deborah’s daughter was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in 2012, when Nathalie was beginning to put together the pieces of her own illness. Although they have differences in their symptoms, the two of them are basically ‘made the same’. Using diet and physiotherapy exercise to manage the condition is Deborah’s mantra. This is why TreatOut is so important to her. Deborah is another sibling in Tracey’s adopted family and they have been friends since Tracey arrived in their quintessentially English village.

Nathalie and Deborah have had a professional as well as personal relationship and it was this collaboration that resulted in a multi award winning website that Nathalie built with her SheCodes hat on.

Deborah is the non-tech of the trio however does love a good spreadsheet and can be found on the golf course – usually at the 19th hole.

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