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It’s just data

I’m trying to solve a big problem through tech, pushing for full menu transparency. I’ve been told the problem is too big. I’ve been told I’ll fail. But surely, it’s just data?

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Don’t be a duck or an eagle. Be Ostrich.

When I started earlier this year on the Entrepreneurial Spark Sprint programme, I was introduced to Wally Kozak’s powerful motivational ‘Eagles and Ducks on Leadership’ speech. It’s impressive. Given the choice of being a duck or an eagle, I know which we would all want to be. There’s also a story about ‘Wally the cab driver’ […]

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two slices of toast in toaster

Please, Stop Telling Me To Eat Gluten!

I can’t eat gluten, it’s not an allergy and no I am not coeliac either. I’m a non-coeliac gluten sensitive so please, stop telling me to eat gluten!

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Why I’m Totally Intolerant of National Garlic Day

Feed me the flesh of garlic and stand well back. Yep, I have a garlic intolerance, it’s not pretty and I’m totally intolerant of National Garlic Day.

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Your Living Nightmare Diner

Nathalie is your living nightmare diner you dread walking in to your restaurant. The one that asks to see the allergen menu and then reels off a list of foods to not eat. So why bother to eat out? Read how she’s learnt to use food as medicine, and why menu transparency is important for all diners with a restricted food list. We might be freefrom but we’re still foodies at heart.

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