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A Food Tech Disruptor’s Response To Panorama’s Takeaway Secrets Exposed

BBC Panorama’s episode ‘Takeaway Secrets Exposed’ aired earlier this week. As a startup founder and disruptor in the Food Tech sector I feel a strong need to defend myself.

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Open laptop on chair with neon coloured glare from screen

It’s just data

I’m trying to solve a big problem through tech, pushing for full menu transparency. I’ve been told the problem is too big. I’ve been told I’ll fail. But surely, it’s just data?

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Ostrich head portrait shot against green background

Don’t be a duck or an eagle. Be Ostrich.

When I started earlier this year on the Entrepreneurial Spark Sprint programme, I was introduced to Wally Kozak’s powerful motivational ‘Eagles and Ducks on Leadership’ speech. It’s impressive. Given the choice of being a duck or an eagle, I know which we would all want to be. There’s also a story about ‘Wally the cab driver’ […]

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two slices of toast in toaster

Please, Stop Telling Me To Eat Gluten!

I can’t eat gluten, it’s not an allergy and no I am not coeliac either. I’m a non-coeliac gluten sensitive so please, stop telling me to eat gluten!

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Why I’m Totally Intolerant of National Garlic Day

Feed me the flesh of garlic and stand well back. Yep, I have a garlic intolerance, it’s not pretty and I’m totally intolerant of National Garlic Day.

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